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Recap & Review: Scorpion's "One Bitten, Twice Die"

031215-sc118-01This week on Scorpion, the guys are tasked yet again with saving the world. No biggie. Tensions between three European countries have everyone on the brink of World War III and it’s up to the boys and girls to prevent it when one of the country’s leaders suffers an attempt on his life.

For more details and juicy ship tidbits, click on read more.

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The Truth: A Live Tweeting Event

Some of you have been with us long enough to know how much we enjoy live tweeting X-Files episodes on our Twitter. You also should know how much we enjoy Kelly Connolly's The TV Mouse. She's been rewatching the series and blogging about the onslaught on her emotions. So when the opportunity presented, our Editor-In-Chief couldn't skip the chance to team up with her to live tweet one angst filled episode, and the last of the regular run of the show.

Because we're getting more *wink*

So here's the deal: "The Truth" as you know has two parts, we will be watching the first part on Sat. March 21st at 10 am LONDON TIME / 9 pm SYDNEY TIME. The second part we will watch at 8 pm EST / 5 PM PST. So everyone gets to enjoy our chatter and join in for your own commentary!

You can follow along by using your own DVDs or any streaming service such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix or iTunes. If you want a reference as to when does "The Truth" part 1 ends for those with a file or a DVD that doesn't make the distinction, it's around minute 39:10 (Right after Doggett and Reyes catch the intruder at Doggett's place)

Hope to see you all there!

Review: Better Call Saul - 5-0


Give me a minute to pick my heart up off the floor and reassemble it into something resembling an internal organ again. Tonight’s Better Call Saul could more aptly be titled All About Mike and I’d be completely okay with that. “5-0” added a heavy dose of drama, the likes of which we hadn’t yet seen on the show, and gave us a long awaited for backstory for fans of Breaking Bad. Poor Mike.

Hit the jump for the full recap and review.

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Movie Moments


The X-Files referenced a lot of movies throughout its nine year run. This week's Top Ten Tuesday looks at some of our favourite movie moments from the show. Read after the jump to see what made our list.

Read more: Top Ten Tuesdays: Movie Moments

Millennium Monday: Recap of "522666"


This week's Millennium Monday recap looks back at S01xE05 - "522666". Read after the jump to check it out.

Read more: Millennium Monday: Recap of "522666"

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