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Pop Culture Tonight Podcast With W.B. Davis and XFN

The folks at Pop Culture Tonight had us over to chat about the upcoming #XFilesRevival and they also had the real privilege to speak to William B. Davis, who might be, as you all may know, coming back to the series. We will bring you a final word on his formal confirmation soon!

In the mean time, enjoy our conversation with host Patrick Phillips in one fun filled show.

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XFN Exclusive: Chris Carter on #XFilesRevival

032415 X-Files

There's just so many people that you'd want to talk to at this moment in X-Files history; the first of which is the show's creator, Mr. Chris Carter. This conversation takes place on March 25th, 2015 as he drives down the California coast and as I sit 3,938 miles away, by my desk with a weak cup of coffee. After the deserved congratulations are exchanged, I tell him that we need to know just how excited he is to come back to The X-Files.

"I'm very excited." Carter starts. "I've known about (the greenlight) for quite a long time, the negotiations took so many months, I can't believe it! They were just finalized on Monday, so this is all brand new."

As we first reported during the late summer and in interviews Chris Carter engaged in during the fall of 2014, there were a few mentions of interest in turning the XF3 project into a mini-series instead of a movie. Multiple media outlets had reported that talks started to heat up in November 2014, with a formal declaration of intention by FOX TV at the TCA's in January 2015. With the fandom, the cast, and the crew now joining in the conversation, the final and official confirmation that the show will be back has been received with the highest of praises.

Carter seems pleased with the reaction. "Certainly, everyone else is really excited which makes me excited. But as I said, it's been a long time in the making."


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XFN at NPR's 89.3 KPCC 'Take Two'

This morning, Avi Qujada - XFN's Editor-In-Chief, had the pleasure of having a short but amazing conversation with Tess Vigeland, host of Take Two at KPCC Southern California Public Radio. They talked about the fan campaign leading up to the announcement of #XFilesRevival, possible plot points of the upcoming series and even some scoop!

You can listen to the interview in full HERE - as a teaser for our own interview with Chris Carter!


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