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Blog: Bullyied at 31: Newsflash - It happens at all ages

BulliedAnother entry on the Holly Simon Blog is up for your enjoyment.

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I'm gonna start refering to 2002-2007 as the drealful years

Why does this site even exist in the first place?

Do you really wanna know? You'll be forever wondering how my mind works!

Coincidence! Sort of!  Yes I am a fan - but in october 2007 - a site like this was only a distant thought - barely a dream.

Here's how it came to be:

I woke up one morning, and I just decide to go to www.planetgarth.com - yes I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan.  This was around the 29th?  Yeah, then and only then I see that he has a new hit *faints*.  The OMGSquee moment starts...

Somehow I end up on Wikipedia looking at members of the Grand Ol Opry. SOMEHOW that thought lead to wondering "I wonder if Garth Brooks ever covered "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel (I love that song! Karaoke at its finest from me!).  And, alas, couldn't find it at the time (I found it now tho!!)  And then the next thought:  Man "You May Be Right" is such a Mulder song....all the while "More than a Memory" plays in the background.

Nostalgic!Moment hits right?



The Week of Hell.

I am finally starting to see up from the past week or so. I'll explain.

The site WAS supposed to be migrated over the friday before...feb 1st.

For the record, its not done yet! It will start this evening if all goes well.

About 20 minutes before the new webhost was going to backup my site for the migration - my old webhost went offline!  The calm-me-down pills that I'm on are obviously working since I had no reaction to this. I just waited.

Sunday rolled around - still no site. At this point I started to loose up - the site was gone, might as well salvage the little I have with the mysql database backup I did have...

For extra calm-down effect, I opted to go for a ski-doo ride with my friend Roy first, before beginning the ordeal of trying to rebuild a site. I got back around 10:30 and started - I had something with the text online by 12:30 sunday night. Felt a bit better about the entire thing, and went to bed.

Monday, woke up, went to the computer - its stuck in hibernation mode?! Restarted - Hard Drive error, Restarted again - now my CMOS password is failing - not good.