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Expect the Extraordinary

His hauntingly perfect videos have been a part of 'X-Files' Fandom for 9 years. His name, regaled as one of the best fan vidders of all time...but don't tell him that.

Lyle seems happy to just create, experiment and sometimes, transcend...and to the few who have not seen his work? You are missing out on an almost spiritual experience.

The first obvious question Lyle, since I know you have been around since the Pilot episode of "The X-Files, " is when did you begin vidding?

I began vidding nearly ten years ago after first seen Shakerbaker's 'shipper' videos on the main page at Haven. While Mulder and Scully's relationship was barely simmering, Shakerbaker had stitched together video clips of their exchanged looks, holding hands and touching faces to create a visibly romantic portrait. Knowing "The X-Files" like the back of my hand made me instantly aware of what she had done, and the power and control created through editing, so I wanted a go! This was long before the days of DVDs and YouTube. Amy from Haven graciously set me up with my own web space and the rest is history.

Some fans vid for fun, others to convey an emotional connection they have with the series. Why do you do it?

While I enjoy giving something back to this show which has given me so much, it's this process of marrying artistry with technical skill that's most rewarding. Finding ways to present "The X-Files" in such a way that entices new viewers as well as fans is always challenging. The show combines various styles and genres, and there's so much footage to work with that the video opportunities with "X-Files" are limitless. Also, I always discover things along the way, so a video never turns out how I first envision it, and often for the better.


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Memoirs of a Vidder

Erin Furnia is not at all what you would expect. She’s a wife and mother who moves her young brood every few years while her Army captain husband deploys for a year at a time. Even on her own in a house full of kids she maintains she’s always been a geek.

“I’m a music lover and I think I’ve always been vidding in my head. As far back as I can remember, I was listening to songs and visualizing scenes with them from my favorite shows and movies. I distinctly remember back when season 2 or 3 was on the air, thinking ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel was the perfect Mulder and Scully song and had it completely laid out in my mind.”

Erin joined the online X-Files fandom in 2006 where she discovered fan videos.

“I was amazed that there was a way to express what I was seeing in my mind and even more shocked that there were others doing the same thing. The rest as they say…”

Most X-Files vidders are known for their particular style and Erin is no different. She is known for videos that use very few effects and is not flashy in her editing.

“I believe great videos are able to evoke emotion and convey a message by having perfect clips paired with well-placed cuts and using every bar of the music to its fullest potential. So much can be said with so little, particularly with the ‘X-Files.’ So for me, the music is the focal point and driving force in my videos whether it is lyrical or non-lyrical. As a viewer, the music can make or break a video and that’s where a huge part of the self-expression of making videos comes in. My choice in songs and style reflects how I interpret the show or the emotion I’m trying to express between the characters and it certainly doesn’t resonate with everyone, which is okay. What is so wonderful about this fandom is there is always someone out there who shares your vision of the show. When I finally commit to using a song for a video, I listen to it incessantly and study it for a while. The lyrics, the timing and rhythm are all vitally important and it takes me time to absorb it and start piecing things together. I am by no means a fast vidder.”


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